Our Past

Cornerstone Baptist Church was started in January 1997. Pastor Rodger Wright and his family along with a few friends started meeting in a garage in Port St Lucie. Cornerstone was and still is affiliated with the Bible Baptist Fellowship International and supports many missionaries of the BBFI. Two Years later through prayer and obedience, God blessed Cornerstone with a building of its own. It was located on a residential street known as West Virginia. There Cornerstone has created a ministry to reach Port St Lucie with the Gospel. Just a few years ago the city of Port St Lucie finished the expansion of West Virginia which now is known as Crosstown expressway. This gave Cornerstone the blessing of being on a major road in the city. As time passed God lead Pastor Wright and his family to a new ministry in the northeastern part of the United States where God has continued to bless their ministry. Cornerstone Baptist church has continued to share the gospel and the love of Christ in the community to this Day.

Our Present

Currently our church is lead by Pastor Carl Carnes a former student of Pastor Wright. Pastor Carl served as Youth Pastor of Cornerstone from 2000 till 2004. He and his family were called to further his education and was a student of Baptist Bible College and Graduate School in Springfield Missouri. After 9yrs of schooling the Pastor and his family moved from Missouri back home to Port St Lucie and took on the responsibility as Senior Pastor of Cornerstone. He has a passion to see Christ shared in our world and we continue to allow God to guided us in that direction. Everything we do has this one idea in mind. Therefore, our motto is REACH, MOTIVATE, AND CHANGE. It is with a great passion for the City of Port St Lucie that we continue to grow both physical as a church and (most importantly) spiritually.

Our Future

The vision God has directed Pastor Carl towards is both bold and exciting. As we grow it is our desire that God would allow us to plant new churches all over the Treasure Coast. Through this endeavor we can see the Gospel impact our community and our world. The other part of Pastor Carl's vision is to see Cornerstone grow into a church center. There was once a time where the church was the center of the community, a place where people would meet, learn, and connect. These days it seems like the church has been replaced by community centers and concert halls. Pastor sees Cornerstone as a place where church and the community meet and as such the opportunity for the Gospel becomes even more available. Instead of the church only being filled on Sundays, Wednesdays and Holidays let God's house be a place that is active and full all the time where joy and hope and God's truth is shared every day. Planting new churches and building a church center will be a monumental task but we serve a monumental God who can do the impossible. This is our heart and our prayer for the future.